Architecture system design web/applications with a modern concept.

Whether it's a web app or application. We plan to work efficiently and clearly, in addition to our expert teams, we have in-house developed systems to support big data and large traffic. You can also rely on the security of information.

System Architecture Design

Building a system that is stabled and supported by many users. It includes taking care of the safety of the system which is very important. Furthermore, it also has to consider costs in order to achieve maximum system performance.


Dev & Production Environment

We have a systematic plan from the process of developing the system to testing the system before using it. And we prepare Test Cases for testing to be accurate and meet requirement as possible with 2 Production; Environment, System Integration Test and User Acceptance Test.


3 Tier Architecture

There is a 3-tier web and application development in the transmission of data to ensure the safety of the work and the system to run efficiently, divided into the web - API - database. It also keeps the information organized.


Redundant Site

There is a redundant website to collect all the information. If the actual website is damaged, the data that is backed up is ready to be retrieved immediately.


Database Optimization

We have a system to prepare an efficient database to support many applications. And we also have a system to manage the security for database.

Working Process

Steps to design and develop the system.

1. Requirements

Meeting with customers to listen and gather all detailed requirements. Make sure that we understand the real problem to design work that is suitable to customer needs

2. Solutions with Proposal

Bring customer's requirements and analyze problems. Brainstorming within the team to find the solutions that are proper to the requirements of customers as much as possible. Then present the customer to consider the proposal.

3. UX / UI Design with Features & Functions

After the customer has responded to the plan that meets their requirements. We will start designing the UX / UI of the web/application. Design Features and Functions, which are focused on the user experience, recognition experience, and beautiful design. Appeal to users visit web/applications again and again.

4. Database & System Design

When the customer are satisfied with the UX / UI format, Features, and Functions. We will step into the Database and system design to make them suitable for using, including generating them to work quickly and as efficiently as possible.

5. Front-End Coding

When design meets customer's requirements. The next step is to make the web/application practical use. This section can show the web/applications' appearance to visitors and also let them use the features and functions which are simple and easy to use.

6. API Coding with Documentation

Install the API, which is a channel connection to exchange data from one system to another system that is convenient, fast, and secure. API is accompanied by documentation that writes all details about how API works. Such as what kind of transmission format is used, and what programming language is used for the connection, what platform do you use to connect, etc. And It will help the web/application work.

7. Back Office Coding

Into the final stages of creating web/applications which are especially important. It will include both information security and other information on the Web. We write a back-end program with a CMS (Content Management System) to allow web administrators to manage, modify, update various content on the web, including web performance and rendering speed.

8. Testing & UAT

UAT (User Acceptance Test) is a final system test procedure to ensure that the developed system is ready to be used. If any problem is found, the system error will be solved. Then we will do to UAT process again until it is accepted by all parties that the system can be launched.

9. Detail Works & Go Live

After checking until there were no defects We will finish up the work to make sure our customers will have a good experience in trusting us for web development. After that, we will make the web/application go live.

How to make customers happy ?

Details of the work and the ultimate responsibility are what we have. We always held to provide customers with a system that is easy to use, not fussy. And we always thinks that the systems we build are like our happiness that has been transmitted to every customer and users.

What we do

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