DNA Maker’s World

“Being standstill makes you obsolete. Technology never stops. DNA Maker is always ready to step into tomorrow with modern technology.”

DNA Maker Co., Ltd., a web design and development company. We work with leading organizations in Thailand such as banks, hospitals, hotels, and many other large corporations. We also design the Digital Platform which can change the way of work in today's world to be more accessible to use. We have over ten years of experience in web/application design and development. Along with a team of professionals who provide services and create quality work.

In 2002, DNA Maker participated in the British Council web design competition and our company won 1st prize and through a trip to London, DNA Maker became more popular in a web design company. Besides, there is an increase in customers by word of mouth while we have never advertised any other public relations campaign, our DNA Maker is always recommended to other clients.

Travel Experiences

We can build everything you need. —

Each year, our company has organized trips. To strengthen relationships and foster unity among employees in the organization including the journey to open up the world. The fun activities make employees feel relaxed and more understand about Teamwork.


We can build everything you need. —

DNA Makers Co., Ltd. is located at the Jewelry Trade Center, 44th floor, Silom, overlooking the Chao Phraya River curve. Travel by BTS Surasak station. The spacious new office giving a feeling of serenity. There is a view of the river curve to rest the eyes while taking a rest or thinking of ideas for work. There is a separate meeting room with a smart TV that can be used for presentations. Or it can be used during the break to relax. Furthermore, there is also a small bar area for those who want to prepare their lunch. The seats for each person have no partition. It is convenient for talking about work and share the idea.

The working atmosphere here is quite comfortable. There is no formal dress code unless you have to meet with customers at an appointment. You must respect the customers with modest dress.

If there is any idea to present or any controversial comments with the team or management you can talk to them directly. We worked together as a team for a reason and we always listen to the opinions of each other.

Only 1% better everyday

— It will be 31.18 times of today in 1 year. —