The Electrical Automated Fault Analysis System
  We have designed and developed a system to check the faults of the electrical positions in all provinces of Thailand. It always keeps checking 24/7 and will alert to human immediately when there is an error. The report of the system will inform when and where of the faults. Then, human knows exact positions to fix the problems. The calculation has been done by the algorithm of inverse matrixs.
  The Room Booking System
  The booking system is for daily, monthly, and yearly reservation. It is the total solution of apartment and hotel web based system including booking, room assignment, multiple-location, photo gallery, Google map, content management (CMS), and many more features.
  VoIP Web Meet Me
  Web have developed the expansion and enhancement of "Web Meet Me", one of the most popular open-source telephone conference systems. It has many more features e.g. CDR enhancement, database enhancement, accounting enhancement.
  LDAP and MySQL Integration
  The system has integrated and transfered from MySQL to LDAP on the database structure that it can be customized. It has been developed by PHP with MySQL and OpenLDAP.
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